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Scholarship Exam Scholarship Exam

Prince Olympiad 2023-24

(Eligibility : Students studying in class 5 to 12 in session 2023-24).

Golden opportunity for the students to showcase their talent and win exciting prizes & scholarships

Invite your friends

Invite your known ones to help them choose the right path.

Prince Olympiad

Class 5 to 12.
Explore your talent and win prizes & scholarships.
The exam is absolutely free; there is no exam fee.

Prince Olympiad is one of the biggest talent search examinations in India. Participants can win exciting prizes and scholarships up to 100% of the tuition fee. Prince Olympiad allows students to explore their full potential and evaluate themselves on a larger platform.

Prince Olympiad has helped thousands of students achieve their dreams for the past seven years. Prince Olympiad is an excellent platform for everyone who wants to become a doctor / engineer / bureaucrat / entrepreneur / scientist / CA / lawer / journalist / businessman etc. regardless of their financial situation, as it is totally free.

Win Prizes and Scholarships based on your rank

Prince Olympiad

Rs. 21.5 Crore

Scholarships, Mega prizes and awards distribution

Prince Olympiad

8250 +

Scholarships, Exciting prizes and awards for the students

Prince Olympiad


Get upto 100% Scholarship in tuition fee on Admission @ Prince Eduhub

Prince Olympiad


Students has appeared in Prince Olympiad in past 7 Years

Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam
Scholarship Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fee for applying to Prince Olympiad 2023?

No, Prince Olympiad 2023 is completely free. You don’t have to pay a single rupee for it.

Who can Apply for Prince Olympiad 2023?

Anyone who studies in class 5th to 10th and 11th - 12th (Science).

Examination mode Of Prince Olympiad 2023?

The first phase will be online, and the second one will be offline for Zone-I. Visit "About Examination" section for the details.

Exam Date For Prince Olympiad 2023?

First Phase-I (Round-I) exam date is 01 October, 2023 and the dates for the Phase-I (Round-II) will be 22 October, 2023.

For which courses or streams students will get scholarships through Prince Olympiad 2023?

All shortlisted candidates from classes 6th to 12th, including JEE, NEET, NDA, UPSC, Defence, College, CBSE, RBSE, and SainikSchool will get a scholarship.

Can students of the 12th class appear in Prince Olympiad 2023?

Yes, students who are currently in the 12th class can apply for Prince Olympiad. They will be offered scholarships for Target Courses and Degree College.

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